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What makes the GuardYoo platform special is the team behind it. They have cast away previous conventional approaches to cybersecurity to create something new. Their team has gained frontline experience while working on many high-profile incidents across various organisations and industries, including the now infamous NotPetya attack which occurred in 2017. Traditional Cybersecurity aims to protect networks from being breached, but this is impossible. GuardYoo identifies how a network has become violated, who was responsible and what vulnerabilities were exploited. Their mission is to build a diverse, agile, empowered army of Cyber professionals who are capable of protecting organisations from the persistent threat of attack.

Traditionally, Compromise Assessment is a very labour intensive process requiring resources onsite to collect data from each device for analysis. GuardYoo’s SaaS platform allows cybersecurity professionals to perform Compromise Assessment remotely from anywhere in the world.

Traditional Compromise Assessment involves manually gathering the required logs from each device, analysing the data and drafting up a final assessment report. This entire process can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks to complete. GuardYoo automates the process by collecting windows log data via their proprietary Artifact Collector application. The data is then analysed by the GuardYoo engine which generates the final report. This process is delivered within 1 week.

Overall Assessment

GuardYoo assesses the overall health of your network by providing:

  • Full asset discovery
  • Analysis of cyber threats/indicators of compromise
  • Analysis of compliance with IT/cyber policies

Data Collection

Artefact Collector gathers log Data from the network

Encryption and Upload

All gathered data is encrypted and uploaded to the GuardYoo Platform

Detailed Vulnerability Analysis

Data is analysed and results are released to private dashboard

Get Complete Reports

The final Compromise Assessment report can be downloaded in multiple formats and mapped to industry standards such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials

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