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Squalio is an IT and data services group specializing in software licensing and software asset management services, as well as delivering progressive cloud and data services to customers in the industries tending towards secure and effective IT management while developing their business strategy.

With over 20 years of experience, Squalio data services help any organization reach the breakthrough with tech-innovation at any stage of business development, starting from choosing the right technology platform, meeting the security and regulatory requirements, transforming the decision making with the power of data analytics, and completing with adding the digital innovation and competitive edge with AI and IoT.

The vendor’s philosophy to use the benefits of modern technology themselves has driven Squalio Group to a rapid geographical growth and now Squalio operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Austria, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria, and they are still growing fast.

Squalio ICE Service is delivering a Software Asset Management (SAM) service that is designed to provide customers with a clear overview of their software environment and licensing models in order to help them make wise decisions in the future.


One-time engagement that helps you to identify invisible parts of your IT iceberg.


For securing ROI from your software investments by adding full control, intelligence and effectiveness to your software asset management.


See the big picture & make the right decisions


Identify compliance & security risks


Increase productivity & save your software costs up to 30%

Why Squalio?

  • Vendor certified expertise
  • Certified technical know how & competitive price
  • Fully outsourced SAM solution in cloud
  • Regular risk assessments & recommendations. Insurance policy against audits

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