It’s nearly impossible to provide quality business-to-business or business-to-government services without encountering sensitive, regulated, or secret customer data. That’s a lot of risk to take on. Trellix can help keep data safe from the moment you collect it until the moment you securely dispose of it.

The Problem:

The news has been full of breach notifications lately, and the loss and exploitation of customer data is getting to be more and more common. From the smallest mom and pop shops, to the biggest name brands in business software and services, it seems like Nation State Actors are coming for everyone these days. These state-affiliated hacking groups attempt to breach organizations they believe can provide actionable intelligence for warfare or diplomatic advantage, to gain cyberwarfare capability (think, shutting off the water supply, internet, or power to a metro area), or simply to do crime to fund their regime. As supply chain attacks become more popular, it’s worth remembering that most of our organizations are part of someone else’s supply chain.

It can be tempting to solve the problem by simply never collecting any customer data. This is unfortunately unrealistic for many organizations, especially those who provide products and services to government organizations. Responsible business partners, vendors, suppliers, and OEMs have a duty to secure their information systems, and properly manage IT operations and data handling practices. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in defending your patch. Trellix actively tracks Nation State Actors, including global activity, infrastructure, and TTPs. We use the intel we gather to provide detection, protection, and response content for our products, as well as to inform continuous product enhancement to counter dynamic threats. We also provide strategic, operational, and tactical level threat intelligence to customers through our threat intelligence services. Trellix XDR can provide automated moving target defense to ruin the bad guy’s day. We have tools to protect against Insider Threats too.


The Solution:

Data Security is about more than just preventing and healing the breach quickly, we also need to make sure we are following the organization’s Data Strategy, and utilizing Data Governance processes to exert affirmative control over how the organization interacts with data. Organizations need countermeasures for every data vector, which Trellix can provide, but they also need to know what data matters to them, what it looks like, and how they intend to protect and manage it.

If you aren’t sure what a high-quality Data Governance program looks like, here’s a high-level view. As you can see, we have to carefully consider both internal and external stakeholders, and our desired outcomes, across the entire data lifecycle. Trellix Professional Services is able to help you get started with this process if you’re unfamiliar, and provide advanced guidance to those already on the journey. It’s a great way to spend your Trellix Thrive credits.

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We learned from InfoSec SEE 2024 organizers that the icing on the cake this year is the decision-making simulation game Cyber Fortress, which teaches cyber security through gamification. Could you lift the curtain on this fun challenge for conference attendees?

SecureVisio is a proud sponsor of the Cyber Fortress simulation game for conference attendees. The game is about building the most resilient ICT cyber security system and effectively responding to various cyber threats. Participants are divided into teams with predetermined budgets that they can spend on different products and services. During each round, teams must defend against attacks and score points.

I’ve participated in several CyberFortress events and it’s always been a super exciting way for cybersecurity professionals to exchange ideas and compete.

The interview was prepared with the assistance of COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria, official distributor of SecureVisio and organizer of the InfoSec SEE 2024 conference.



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