COMPUTER 2000 | Transparent governance for sustainable business

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct defines the legal and ethical working standards to be applied by all employees and contractual partners of COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria. These refer to all applicable local regulations, including working standards and social benefits, environmental protection, safety, no child or forced labour, non-discrimination and harassment, and no conflict of interest.

Anti-Fraud Policy

The Anti-Fraud Policy reflects our company’s commitment to promoting and strictly following anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture. It defines the responsibilities and accountability for managing fraud or corruption risks, and the processes and procedures for fraud detection, investigation and follow-up actions.

Whistleblower and Complaint Policy

The Whistleblower and Complaint Policy reflects our company’s commitment to preventing unfair business practices such as corruption, discrimination, and other forms of misconduct and ensuring a confidential internal reporting system for whistleblowers including current, prospective and former employees, partners and other parties who may have experienced unfair practices in their interaction with the company.

Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Policy outlines our company’s approach to managing risks. We recognize that risk management is crucial for realizing business goals and maximizing the opportunities to achieve the company’s vision and strategy. This Policy relates to the identification, assessment, monitoring and mitigation of various risks to our business.

ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Information Security Management

COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria considers information security for integral part of its main activities. The organization implemented measures and processes to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, by applying risk-based approach that provides adequate management of threats and risks.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria strive to provide the highest quality of solutions and services to its partners. To achieve this goal, we consider continues improvement as part of our organization`s culture.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Complex Problems.

COMPUTER 2000 is the regional Leader in Cyber Security distribution in SEE. We grew from One-Stop-Shop to the company with Focus in Cyber Security and Data Management.





Why we are different

COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria is a value-added wholesale distributor of technology products, services and solutions. Its VA services enable the resellers in South Eastern Europe to work efficiently and to actively support the diverse technology needs of their end customers. COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria  represents solutions of leading IT vendors, providing professional pre-sales, post-sales, marketing and technical support for partners and their customers.