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COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria is a value-added wholesale distributor of technology products, services and solutions. Its VA services enable the resellers in South Eastern Europe to work efficiently and to actively support the diverse technology needs of their end customers. COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria  represents solutions of leading IT vendors, providing professional pre-sales, post-sales, marketing and technical support for partners and their customers.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the most important technologies, solutions and professional services related to areas that are essential to their projects, as well as active support for their future development.

COMPUTER 2000 is a member of Bulgarian Cybersecurity Association

For our partners – top brands manufacturers – to create value with efficiency, to generate demand and to provide access to markets and customers.

For our partners – resellers – to support the growth of their business, to create unique sales propositions and means to generate profits, by providing them with products and services, which make the resellers business easier and successful. Access is granted to valuable partner programs of the leading manufacturers, access to credit lines, possibilities for training and development in various areas.

Why COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria

The COMPUTER 2000 Story

Established in 1995 as a Branch office of COMPUTER 2000 AG (Germany), COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria was the only regional unit of the Global Distributor, which survived in the turbulent post communistic times and grew up together with the Democracy changes in Eastern Europe! Now our company is the regional Leader in Cyber Security distribution in SEE. We grew from One-Stop-Shop to the company with Focus in Cyber Security and Data Management.

We work with hundreds of resellers in SEE, we support the growth of their business, creating unique sales propositions and helping them to generate revenue, by providing them with products and services, which make the resellers business easier and successful. To our partners, the top brands manufacturers, we help them to create value with efficiency, to generate demand and to provide access to markets and customers.

How we do it?

The key to our success is the passion and the enthusiasm of our team, the devotion to the work and the strong value-adding culture.

We are a New Generation Distributor

Our adaptability to new opportunities and new business trends is famous. We follow the technology, science and business trends and we’re continually improving our distribution model. We know how to open the doors to difficult and competitive markets! We know how to work with partners, sharing our strong value-adding culture!

Where do we operate?

Those are the countries COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria operates in. If you would like to learn more about our services or to ask a specific question please contact our team and we will get back to you.


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In-depth individual approach

Cutting-edge know-how

World-class resources

Security first

We are different:

  • We represent on the regional markets established cybersecurity and data management solutions brands and emerging new innovative technology vendors.


  • We organize innovative and successful marketing activities to drive the demand and to support sales efforts, generating new leads and passing these back to our channel.


  • We offer technical and support services, helping our channel partners to develop skills, close deals, solve technical issues and maximize customer loyalty.


  • We help our partners to increase their revenue with more profitable and more strategic deal opportunities.


  • We have a straight focus on cybersecurity and data management
Cyber security Computer 2000



Partners About Us:

“COMPUTER 2000 operates as a true value-added security distributor, helping resellers and customers delivering the most challenging projects. We started working with this distributor from scratch and they have done an exceptional job, building FireEye’s logo presence on the market and achieved outstanding results. Collaboration model, commitment, loyalty and just a pleasure of interacting with the entire team, it is amazing!”, said Michal Ostrowsky, the Regional Director for Eastern Europe, Russia&CIS at FireEye.”

Michal Ostrowsky | Regional Director for Eastern Europe, Russia&CIS | FireEye

“COMPUTER 2000 is one the oldest, most reliable and value-added distributor of NETWRIX in the Balkans so far. I’m fascinated by the fact of how we’ve managed to develop our business with the help of COMPUTER 2000 from scratch to great results such as: huge year to year growth, net new customers high rates, greatest presence in governmental and commercial verticals, numerous webinars, events, demos, meetings etc. The team of COMPUTER 2000 is young, dynamic, hungry for new knowledge and highly professional, they make every effort to win the business. I would like to specially express my endless gratefulness to the General Manager of COMPUTER 2000 – Anelia Kostadinova, as her impact can not be overestimated, she is the most hardworking manager I’ve ever met, always striving to get better results for our mutual success. In case you are considering a new partnership for your business development COMPUTER 2000 is definitely the best option in the market nowadays in the cybersecurity market worldwide!”

Evgenia Izotova | Team Lead Sales | NETWRIX

COMPUTER 2000 is our most reliable distributor partner in Bulgaria and in Macedonia. They support the growth of our Cyber Security business, helping us to create unique sales propositions, providing to us solutions and services, which make our business easier and successful. Their value added services, the excellent technical expertise and the readiness to face difficult cyber security challenges and to solve them are phenomenal.

Anel Ivanov | General Manager LIREX HIGH TECH and LIREX SKOPJE

“We have been invited to InfoSec SEE for first time by COMPUTER 2000. It was a very successful event and really well organized and represented, great event. Since we work with COMPUTER 2000, we have seen a growth in the region, which is fantastic.”

Aine Johnson | Regional Sales Manager, EMEA| SOLARWINDS

“Really high quality event, one of the best events in Europe. I am travelling across all Europe and this is one of the best events, I have participated in.”

Maurizio Taglioretti | Regional Manager, SEUR | NETWRIX

“At the invitation of COMPUTER 2000 we came to present the Carbonite portfolio to a fantastic audience of partners and customers, in front of a myriad of focused data protection partners, that work with COMPUTER 2000, of which Carbonite is now one and happy to be so. It’s been a great couple of days, I recommend it to anybody who is interested in data protection, information security and cyber protection.”

Philip Nowlan | Presales Technical Manager, EMEA | CARBONITE

“The InfoSec SEE was truly a remarkable event with excellent organization, remarkable guests and wonderful place which it was hosted in. I was happy to be part of this initiative – which cemented our cooperation with COMPUTER 2000 Bulgaria. Cooperation established to provide Bulgarian organizations with supreme data and network security. Despite of the pandemic there was a plenty of participants and presenters. The knowledge level was quite high, I participated in the Live Discussion Panel and it was a honor to sit with these people, it was a great opportunity! Phantastic event, wish you are here with me! COMPUTER 2000 was awarded by FORCEPOINT as the “Rainmaker of the year 2020”, because of the biggest FORCEPOINT project in Eastern Europe in 2020. We will be happy to join the event in the future!”

Mikolaj Pigon | Inside Channel Account Manager, EMEA | FORCEPOINT

“My participation in InfoSec SEE is my first security conference participation in Bulgaria. I do have a lot of experience with conferences around Eastern European region. Looking at the organization, the organizational skills, at the numbers of the participants and also the quality of the guests, the attendance of the workshops, that is absolutely phenomenal. From my prospective this is really a fantastic event! When I meet with customers from the Balkan region, I will honestly recommend his conference for them to participate. COMPUTER 2000 was awarded by FireEye as the Best FireEye Distributor for Eastern Europe in 2020.”

Michal Ostrowski | Regional Director Eastern Europe, Russia&CIS | FireEye

“My experience with InfoSec SEE has been nothing but success since 2018 year! I am happy to recommend the conference at highly supreme level, professional, up to date and entertaining for all vendors, customers, partners and consultants in the wide area of cybersecurity market. Not only it is a great opportunity to meet new people, get the latest news of constantly changing world of security in IT but also unforgettable memories and thoroughly prepared event. As vendor each day we see that our investment in InfoSec SEE brings us fruitful returns in form of net new leads, partners, increase of PR and brand awareness in SEE. I admire the team of COMPUTER 2000 and their willingness to improve and strive for the excellence. See you again in 2021 and consequent years!”

Evgenia Izotova | Team Lead Sales | NETWRIX

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Main: +359 2 439 2000

Information Security: +359 2 439 2009


63 Shipchenski Prohod Blvd, Sofia 1574, Bulgaria

Monday-Friday: 9am – 6pm

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