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TRELLIX outshines the competition with superior threat and data protection across more of your hybrid cloud ecosystem, all while uniquely delivering security management, automation, and orchestration at scale. TRELLIX brings you a living XDR architecture that adapts at the speed of threat actors and delivers advanced cyber threat intelligence. TRELLIX are changing what security means and what it can do, giving everyone in your organization the confidence that comes with being more secure, every day. TRELLIX has over 5,800 customers across 67 countries, including more than 40 percent of the Forbes Global 2000.
MANDIANT are recognized by enterprises, governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide as the market leader in threat intelligence and expertise gained on the frontlines of cyber security. To make every organization confidently ready for cyber threats, MANDIANT scales its intelligence and expertise through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform to deliver current intelligence, automation of alert investigation and prioritization and validation of security controls products from a variety of vendors.

RADWARE is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection and availability services to enterprises globally. RADWARE’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF) and application delivery solutions optimize business operations, minimize service degradation and prevent downtime. RADWARE’s solutions empower more than 12,500 enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down.

CYBERRES is a MICRO FOCUS line of business. They bring the expertise of one of the world’s largest security portfolios to help their customers navigate the changing threat landscape by building both cyber and business resiliency within their teams and organizations. CYBERRES are here to help enterprises accelerate trust, reliability, and survivability through times of adversity, crisis, and business volatility. Their portfolio includes solutions from many established vendors, such as HPE and NetIQ. MICRO FOCUS is a company with over 40 years of experience in the field of enterprise software solutions.
SOLARWINDS have the mission to offer solutions, dedicated in the handling of issues with the management of the IT environments. The products of SOLARWINDS include network performance and processes management, SIEM security solutions, monitoring of cloud processes and tools to ease the IT support teams workflow. The strategy of SOLARWINDS is to provide solutions with high-end functionalities but aiming to offer the most simplified management and implementation of the said solutions.
N-able is the global market leader in the delivery of integrated cloud-based IT Service Management solutions to Managed Service Providers and end user businesses. N-able solutions include wide product range specifically designed for Managed Service Providers deliver highly accessible and scalable SaaS technologies under a subscription model.
N-able is the world’s most widely-trusted managed service provider & backing of a 20 000-strong community and the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the MSP market.
BITDEFENDER solutions offer excellent security for end customers and for business environments from any class, accredited with multiple awards for their high performance and success rate in the handling of all kinds of threats, accredited as the №1 antivirus vendor for the last 12 years by organizations such as AV-Test. The portfolio of BITDEFENDER consists of variety of solutions for antivirus, spam and web-based protection, encryption, protection for online transactions and many others, encompassing multiple vectors of the infrastructure. Recent offerings include innovative approach to broader email security, offered as an add-on.
NETWRIX empowers information security and governance professionals to reclaim control over sensitive, regulated and business-critical data, regardless of where it resides. Over 10,000 organizations worldwide rely on NETWRIX solutions to secure sensitive data, realize the full business value of enterprise content, pass compliance audits with less effort and expense, and increase the productivity of IT teams and knowledge workers.
HILLSTONE NETWORKS’s Enterprise Security and Risk Management solutions provide visibility, intelligence, and protection to ensure enterprises can comprehensively see, thoroughly understand, and rapidly act against cyber-threats. Recognized by leading analysts and trusted by over 17,000 global enterprises, HILLSTONE’s solution suite effectively covers the enterprise from edge to cloud while improving total-cost-of-ownership. With its mantra of “security that works,” HILLSTONE’s innovative products provide value out-of-the-box. Moreover, in today’s post-breach world, HILLSTONE has built a reputation for holistic solutions that help CISOs manage risk and provide assurance that their enterprises are well-protected.
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FUDO SECURITY is a leading company in the field of providing innovative IT security solutions. Specialized in the authorization and sign-in management of the users, as well as monitoring the access to the corporate networks, including PAM. The products of FUDO combine creativity and simplicity, utilizing strong security measures. Leaders in the solutions for mobile authentication for the Central and Eastern Europe and are one of the few companies, that provide complex solutions for monitoring and recording of remote access sessions.
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LOGSENTINEL create products that entirely protect your personal, confidential and sensitive data so you can focus on achieving your business goals. They deliver robust and reliable solutions designed to protect against data breaches and insider attacks, as well as ensure a higher level of compliance with legal standards and regulations. LogSentinel SIEM is a next-gen cloud-first SIEM that is easy to use by any organization, not just the large enterprise that can afford multiple teams of security analysts. LOGSENTINEL don’t just offer a feature-packed security tool, they can transform your security, allowing you to easily extract the most value, with an easy to use UI in your native language.
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RIDGE SECURITY has relentless vision to bring information security to enterprises, small or large, with cutting edge technology that transforms how security testing has been traditionally conducted. RidgeBot, a robotic penetration testing system, fully automates the testing process by coupling ethical hacking techniques to decision-making algorithms. RidgeBots locate, exploit and document business risks and vulnerabilities discovered during the testing process, highlighting the potential impact or damage.
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THREATQUOTIENT’s mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations through a threat-centric platform. By integrating an organization’s existing processes and technologies into a single security architecture, THREATQUOTIENT accelerates and simplifies investigations and collaboration within and across teams and tools. Through automation, prioritization and visualization, THREATQUOTIENT’s solutions reduce noise and highlight top priority threats to provide greater focus and decision support for limited resources. The platform can correlate threat-data from multiple threat intelligence sources and visualize them into a single dashboard.
FORCEPOINT are offering solutions for protection from insider threats (incidental or malicious), as well as outsider threats. The solutions protect users, networks and data, no matter if they are in the cloud, on-premise or in motion. FORCEPOINT have in their portfolio Next-Generation Firewalls, Data Loss Prevention, Web and Email Gateway appliances and solutions for handling threats and analysis of the security in the organization. FORCEPOINT have the whole know-how from the recently acquired from them companies of Stonesoft and Websense. FORCEPOINT are leaders in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner for Data Loss Prevention solutions.
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CARBONITE offers all the tools necessary for protecting data from the most common forms of data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures and natural disasters. From automated computer backup to comprehensive protection for physical and virtual server environments, migration, high-availability and disaster recovery tools, CARBONITE ensures the accessibility and resiliency of data for any system.
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WEBROOT, an OpenText company, was the first to harness the cloud and artificial intelligence to stop zero-day threats in real time. WEBROOT secures businesses and individuals worldwide with threat intelligence and protection for endpoints and networks. WEBROOT uses unique scanning technology, fully in the cloud, with the smallest agent and the fastest performance, as well as unique method of journaling unknown malware activity.
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OPENTEXT is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global scale. OPENTEXT solves digital business challenges for customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest and most complex organizations in the world. Information Management organizes, integrates and protects data and content as it flows through business processes across and outside the organization. In December of 2019, OPENTEXT acquired CARBONITE and WEBROOT to help bring comprehensive cyber resilience solutions to the enterprise, managed service provider, business, and consumer markets.
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GUARDYOO have the mission to build a diverse, agile, empowered army of Cyber professionals who are capable of protecting organizations from the persistent threat of attacks. The main solution Remote Compromise Assessment is a fully automated platform that reduces the time, resources and costs associated with a Compromise Assessment by up to 70%. GUARDYOO gathers log data from the network, all gathered data is encrypted and uploaded to the GuardYoo Platform, data is analyzed and results are released to a private dashboard. The final Compromise Assessment report can be download in multiple formats.
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SYNCDOG challenges the status quo and changes the game on how organizations empower their mobile workforce. SYNCDOG protects and manages mobile devices, detects and prevents malware/phishing and other intrusions, encrypts and isolates all the corporate or government data/files/apps that are accessed by or stored on the devices and offers a private app store for distribution of internal native or hybrid apps. All from a single vendor, from a single download and centrally managed in a single administrative console.
MAILSTORE is a specialized vendor in email archiving and management. With its flagship product MailStore Server businesses can benefit from all advantages of modern, secure email archiving and email management. The software creates 1:1 copies of all emails in a central email archive to ensure the security and availability of large amounts of data over a period of years. MAILSTORE has grown to become a global standard for email archiving in business 
following years of successful operation at more than 60,000 companies.
BEYONDTRUST’s vision is a world where identities and access are protected from cyberthreats. They are focused on addressing the most urgent cybersecurity challenges, including zero trust, ransomware, vendor and employee remote access, and cloud security. The innovative solution portfolio of BEYONDTRUST protects all identities, access, and endpoints across your entire environment. Their integrated platform delivers fast time-to-value with solutions that are not only simple to deploy but also enable a superior user experience. BEYONDTRUST are a customer-driven organization with industry-leading customer satisfaction scores driven by their exceptional customer support and commitment to customer success. They are the trusted partner for more than 20,000 customers in over 100 countries, including 75% of the Fortune 100, and a global partner community.
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EKRAN SYSTEM was established in 2013 by a group of experienced digital security specialists. The company focuses on the development of insider security solutions. EKRAN SYSTEM software platform supports your insider threat program at each step: managing access, auditing activity, and detecting and responding to incidents. The platform combines comprehensive activity monitoring and alerting functionality with an advanced access management and identity control toolset, manual and automated incident response, and powerful reporting capabilities. This makes EKRAN SYSTEM a one-stop solution to implement your insider security policy.

ICE is a set of tools and services designed by SQUALIO GROUP. It is recognized by Ernst&Young as an Accredited SAM service tool and has many acknowledgements and certifications for excellence from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM. ICE is a service for companies who want to have a full picture and control of their existing environment – on-premise, in the cloud or both. With ICE you can mitigate vendor audit risks, avoid personal data breach risks and be aware of your software vulnerabilities. By giving organizations insights and analysis of all software assets across their infrastructure, ICE can point problematic areas and make suggestions for cost optimization, compliance & security issues as well as many more. Companies like Bulgaria Air, SoftServe, Telia and many others have already trusted ICE.

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