You’ve probably heard about ChatGPT by now, and the exciting potential for AI to play a pivotal role in our everyday activities. But if you haven’t, ChatGPT is a new technology created by OpenAI, with a special focus on crafting human-like responses to messages for use in chatbots.

But what are the implications for cybersecurity?

ChatGPT has been all over the news recently. Multiple security researchers have successfully used ChatGPT to find potential vulnerabilities in systems, even without the context of the full codebase. 

According to a recent article by Forcepoint, consulting ChatGPT will mean that attackers can potentially have the upper hand, as there has never been a system before which allows somebody looking to exploit a system such easy access to a repository of information that is contextual to that specific attacker, at that exact moment in time. This presents a short-term problem for cybersecurity. With so many vulnerabilities in systems around the world, it’s only a matter of time before attackers manage to exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities, with the aid of ChatGPT.

Although there may be potential challenges, it is important to recognize that ChatGPT also presents a chance for improvement. Specifically, for Blue teams, particularly those that are integrated with application development teams (such as devsecops), ChatGPT provides a chance to shape the development of the application in a way to ensure security by design and ChatGPT helps achieve that by being utilized as a convenient ad-hoc pen-testing tool.

ChatGPT is still a new technology, so popular that it has been down sporadically for the past 12 hours or so. It could be used as a force for good, in particular blue teams, by using it as ad-hoc pen testing. However, in the short term, it is likely that attackers will utilize ChatGPT to uncover vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is imperative to implement robust security measures such as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Zero Trust CDR to protect against advanced and evolving attacks.


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