The release of the Hillstone Network Intrusion and Prevention System (NIPS) version 4.4, enhances functionalities to significantly improve outstanding security and protection for small to medium organizations.

 The network, being the core foundation of any enterprise, faces a constantly increasing number of unknown digital challenges. It is essential for any business regardless of its nature or size, to deploy systems that mitigate intrusion points. 

There are five key highlights of NIPS V4.4, which we will cover below.

Highlights of NIPS v4.4

HW Upgrade Bring High Availability

NIPS v4.4 releases 2 new hardware models, S1200 and S2300. With high density interface, high capacity SSD, and flexible power supply options, the 2 new models ensure high availability for the system and offer organizations a cost-effective protection solution.

Sensitive File Scanning Attack Detection

Sensitive File Scanning Attack Detection is a detection method that works by parsing HTTP/HTTPS traffic to discover possible sensitive file scanning activities. With this new detection capability, NIPS can help log and block threat traffic accordingly.

Full Attack Packet Capturing

NIPS is now able to support full attack packet capturing, providing full field of vision into network resources. Suspicious network traffic can be filtered from captured packets for further analysis.

Extended Time for IP Blocking and Service Blocking

With this feature, NIPS extends the duration of IP blocking and service blocking. In addition to 60-3600s of previous versions, the block time option has been added with 1-24h, 1-15d, and permanent blocking, allowing continuous protection against malicious activity.

Protection of Brute Force Attack Enhancement

With more protocols including FTP, MSRPC, POP3, SMTP, SUNRPC, telnet, VNC, RDP, SSH, SMB, LDAP and IMAP supported in this version, NIPS now provides enhanced password protection, reducing the possibility of unauthorized access.

The Hillstone NIPS platform has the most comprehensive high-performance inspection engine, and by combining the best signatures with leading technology partners, it can provide customers with an outstanding threat detection rate at a lower total cost of ownership.


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