In modern software development, the tandem of AI and automation is a game-changer. It delivers substantial benefits for enhancing developer productivity and efficiency. These cutting-edge technologies enable anyone to write code faster and execute repetitive tasks with unmatched accuracy and speed.

The integration of AI with automation empowers users to write code more efficiently. Most of the repetitive tasks can be intelligently generated by AI and automated so that users can free up time from mundane repetitive tasks and focus on more creative and inspiring projects.

Swimlane Turbine is a low-code automation platform that has been built for the future of automation. Swimlane’s collection of AI-enabled features, Hero AI, offers a unique combination of AI and automation to enable SecOps teams to write transformation logic in as little as 25 seconds. Read this recent announcement to learn more about the new Turbine AI and playbook-building innovations that deliver industry-leading performance and scalability to expand actionability beyond the SOC. 

The rest of this blog will provide a deep dive into how Hero AI features encourage innovation and performance by simplifying the process of generating Python scripts, debugging Python code, and pre-testing AI-generated Python code before playbooks are executed.

Why AI-Enabled Automation is the Future of SOAR 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of automation, Swimlane Turbine stands out as a versatile platform that caters to inventors of all skill levels. For the most advanced automation enthusiasts seeking Python support, Turbine adopts an AI-enabled low-code automation approach that outpaces traditional no-code alternatives. This opens up possibilities by empowering SOC teams to be creative and innovative when building automation solutions.

Although automation holds the promise of addressing a multitude of SecOps challenges, the intricate and inflexible design of legacy SOAR tools posed a significant hurdle for many organizations. Turbine goes beyond conventional automation platforms. We know that every use case is different and requires customization but we also know that analysts don’t have the bandwidth to write a use case in Python from scratch. That’s why Turbine provides tools for developers that democratize automation within and beyond the Security Operations Center (SOC). 

Hero AI Text-to-Code Deep Dive

The Text-to-Code Hero AI feature, powered by OpenAI, is a scripting assistant for building playbooks with transformation logic faster. The Text-to-Code ChatBot is well-versed in Python script conventions within the Turbine platform and has a deep understanding of the schema of the input object. This means that the ChatBot is ready and empowered from the moment it’s engaged, providing immediate assistance to developers in translating their desired manipulations into Python scripts.

The Hero AI ChatBot serves as a scripting assistant that enables orchestrators to rapidly write custom scripts that will answer specific business needs. Next, they can use the Hero AI Schema Inference feature to pre-test the AI-generated code and instantly see the results in the UI before running the playbook. This saves an enormous amount of time, catches errors faster, and increases developer productivity. 

3 Benefits of Hero AI Text-to-Code for Python Developers

The beauty of Turbine’s low-code approach is that SOC teams don’t have to choose between the simplicity of no-code and the power of Python. In Turbine, Python developers can write code fast and debug faster. Three of the most common developer use cases for the Text-to-Code ChatBot are: 

  1. Quickly & Accurately Generate Python Code

Swimlane’s Hero AI Text-to-Code assistant is a revolutionary feature that decreases the cognitive load for users who are writing code for Python script actions. It is a virtual coding companion that guides users through the process of creating complex Python scripts. Users can interact with the ChatBot while writing code to refine the AI-generated script by asking follow-up questions. Whether a user needs help with Python syntax, logic checks, algorithmic suggestions, or clarification on a specific Python concept, the Hero AI chatbot will facilitate two-way communication to enhance the scripting experience. This makes the Python scripting experience in Turbine more intuitive and user-friendly.

  1. Effortless Code Debugging 

Hero AI helps users debug Python code with ease. When automators describe the error message or issue related to executing a Python script the Text-to-Code feature can identify potential causes of the error, and guide developers toward a solution. Recognizing the importance of a smooth development process, Hero AI Text-to-Code Chatbot and Schema Inference features empower users to debug existing scripts effortlessly. This ensures that the automation solutions created on the Turbine are not only innovative, robust, and error-free.

  1. Learn Advanced Python

In addition to assisting with writing and debugging code, the Hero AI Text-to-Code ChatBot is also an efficient tool for learning Python concepts. By engaging with the interactive chat assistant, users enhance their understanding of Python and increase their efficiency in developing automation solutions. For example, Hero AI’s chat assistant can provide details for resource recommendations, language features, learning materials, sample codes, and more. These recommendations help simplify the experience of learning Python.


See Turbine in Action

For more information about the Hero AI Text-to-Code ChatBot, watch this brief demo video. In conclusion, Turbine stands as a beacon in the world of automation platforms, where Python support and interactive features converge to unleash the full potential of developers. Turbine automation is not just a task, it’s a creative journey for Python developers to create innovation efficiently.


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