Earlier today Bitdefender announced that a new feature has been added to its Digital Identity Protection service: Identity Protection Score. The new feature helps users to understand how a data breach can affect them, and what actions they need to take to protect themselves after a breach.

The Identity Protection Score is calculated based on the analysis of the data breach exposure of a certain user, including the number of data breaches the user is linked to and the type of information compromised. It helps users get a 360-degree view of their online identity.

The larger the score, the lower the risks of new data breaches and attacks on the user’s identity. Users who haven’t been exposed to a breach, won’t have a score visible in their Bitdefender Central account.

Next to their Identity Protection Score, users will be able to visualize a personalized risk map that helps them make sense of all breach events linked to them. The new feature helps users assess the potential impact of a data breach and guides them toward the best corrective actions.

Here is an example: if according to your personalized risk map, you are located in a section in green, this means you don’t need to take any additional actions, except for remaining vigilant (a tip that applies to your overall online behavior). Moderate risks are tagged in orange and pink. If your risk levels are in this section, it means that you do need to check all security events, while critical risks (in the pink and red sections) mean that you should immediately change passwords and monitor for any signs of identity theft.

Additionally, the data breach section provides further insights into how you can safeguard your identity, and improve your privacy and Identity Protection Score.

In a data-driven world, your personal information is likely scattered across the digital scape, making it more difficult to monitor and secure.

Looking for an easy way to strengthen your defenses and protect your identity against the damages caused by data breaches?

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