Understanding the eCommerce Security Landscape

eCommerce platforms handle vast amounts of personal and financial data, making them prime targets for cybercriminals. Additionally, these companies grapple with multifaceted operational and security hurdles intrinsic to the complex nature of their applications. Managing hybrid environments that span across cloud, on-premises, and multi-cloud setups poses operational challenges in ensuring consistent security. Integrating systems and security protocols post-mergers or acquisitions also introduces complexities in maintaining uniform security standards. Additionally, third-party service dependencies, managing APIs, security silos, visibility gaps, compliance demands, and continuous threat landscape evolution compound the challenges.

The consequences of a breach can be disastrous, leading to financial losses, damage to a brand’s reputation, and loss of customer trust. Where today more than 43% of breaches involve web applications, eCommerce companies must deploy multi-layered security solutions to protect against a variety of threats. Radware’s Cloud Application Protection service offers a holistic defense strategy against a plethora of cyber threats. It encompasses a suite of industry-leading solutions catering specifically to eCommerce platforms.

How Radware Protects Retail Applications

Radware offers a comprehensive suite of cloud application protection services tailored to meet the unique challenges of the eCommerce industry.

Identifying and Mitigating Malicious Bots: Bots (both good and bad) make up over 50% of internet traffic today. Bad bots are used for nefarious purposes against eCommerce enterprises to carry out attacks such as account takeover, inventory hoarding, content and price scraping, cart abandonment, and carding attacks. Radware Bot Manager helps eCommerce platforms distinguish between bots and legitimate users. This not only prevents attacks but also ensures that only genuine visitors can access websites and mobile applications to safeguard eCommerce operations.

Mitigating DDoS Attacks with Precision: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a common threat faced by online retailers. These attacks can flood websites with traffic, rendering them inaccessible to legitimate users. Radware’s Industry leading Web DDoS protection solution is specifically designed to identify and thwart these attacks, including the latest type of crippling Web DDoS Tsunami attacks to ensure the availability and reliability of eCommerce platforms and safeguard potential revenue and customer trust.

Client-Side Protection: An average website uses 50-60 third party components, which cybercriminals often target to exploit vulnerabilities. Radware’s Client-Side Protection detects and prevents common threats like Magecart, formjacking, and DOM XSS to protect end-users from attacks embedded in the application supply chain. It continuously tracks third-party services, offering real-time alerts and threat-level assessments to ensure sensitive customer data remains safe and protected. By securing the data path between end-users’ browsers and third-party services, the solution enables retailers to maintain their reputation, prevent data breaches, and provide a secure online shopping experience for their customers. This comprehensive defense is vital for eCommerce businesses, given the ever evolving and sophisticated nature of web application attacks.

Fortifying Web Applications with WAF: Web application attacks, such as injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and others, are highly prevalent in the eCommerce industry. Radware’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a continuously adaptive web application security protection that provides robust protection to retailers by safeguarding them against OWASP Top 10 web application attacks and Zero-day web attacks using both positive and negative security models. Radware’s WAF ensures the security and availability of eCommerce platforms, allowing retailers to defend against evolving cyber threats, maintain data integrity, and provide a safe online shopping experience for customers.

Holistic API Protection: API-based attacks are a leading cause of data breaches. APIs are integral to modern eCommerce platforms, but they are also susceptible to exploitation. As the eCommerce sector faces a surge in API vulnerabilities and attacks, Radware’s API Protection Solution provides comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats including unauthorized access, denial of service, injections, data leakage, bot threats and embedded attacks. By automating API discovery, it mitigates security blind spots, and ensures complete enforcement of protection on the entire API schema. Through the automated deep discovery algorithm, it maps API attack surfaces, identifying endpoints and their structures to generate customized security policies, fortifying real-time detection and prevention of API-focused attacks. The solution ensures consistent security across diverse environments, crucial in the evolving landscape of eCommerce innovation, safeguarding sensitive customer data and preserving the integrity of eCommerce platforms.

Impact on eCommerce

Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Services ensures secure customer data, resilient business operations, and maintains trust in eCommerce platforms. By offering comprehensive protection, state-of-the-art security measures, flexible deployment, unified monitoring, and compliance adherence, Radware empowers online retailers to navigate the digital realm securely. By addressing the full spectrum of threats and vulnerabilities, Radware helps enterprises:

Ensure Business Continuity: Radware’s Application Protection shields retailers from various cyber threats, encompassing DDoS attacks, supply chain vulnerabilities, and more, ensuring business continuity and uninterrupted customer access.

Protect Customer Data: Leveraging dual security models, advanced machine learning algorithms, and real-time threat intelligence, Radware secures customer data, guaranteeing risk-free online shopping experiences and fostering consumer trust.

Adaptable Security Solutions: Radware’s protection seamlessly integrates into evolving infrastructures, supporting cloud-native or hybrid models without operational disruptions, providing reliable security across diverse application architectures.

Unified Insight: Through a unified portal, Radware offers comprehensive visibility into application security events and protection metrics. It allows easy configuration, detailed analytics, and granular control, ensuring a well-informed view of digital assets.

Compliance Assurance: Radware solutions align seamlessly with crucial certifications such as GDPR, CCPA, and PCI-DSS, ensuring a fortified defense against cyber threats while upholding essential data protection mandates for eCommerce businesses.

Stay Ahead of Threats: Radware’s real-time threat intelligence and proactive security measures help eCommerce companies stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a proactive stance against potential risks.

By securing online operations, protecting customer data, and ensuring business continuity, Radware empowers eCommerce businesses to thrive in the digital world while maintaining the trust of their customers.


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