Today, we are seeing the emergence of powerful new attitudes when it comes to cyber. Leaders are looking at cyber through a sharp, new lens—one that reveals the inherent business value that can come by embedding cyber. Not only across the enterprise, but as a crucial part of a powerful growth strategy.

The future of cyber is coming into sharper focus as organizations worldwide begin to look beyond the tech-centric and threat focus toward the potential positive outcomes they can achieve by deeply integrating cyber thinking and cyber actions across their businesses.

The world is increasingly interconnected, bringing about new risks alongside the new growth opportunities. Digital technologies, exponential growth of data, and evolving business needs are expanding attack threat surfaces and bringing new challenges that elevate cyber as a strategic business issue. Collaboration across cyber, risk management, and business units is critical to neutralizing cyberthreats, protecting business value, and sustaining customer trust.

Today, a new reality is taking shape, based on Deloitte’s 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey, which asked hundreds of leaders across industries and across the globe to share their views on cyber threats, enterprise activities, and the future. The survey included C-suite executives across the enterprise, as well as other senior leaders with responsibility for IT, security, and risk. This new reality is grounded by the following findings.

Cyber is evolving into a distinct functional area of the business, transcending its traditional IT roots and becoming an essential part of the framework for delivering business outcomes.


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