Unless you are the CEO of a cybersecurity company, you most probably are not a cybersecurity expert. Chances are everything you know about the IT security needs of your company comes directly from the advice of your IT Team.

Being 100% reliant on your IT Team’s judgment can in some cases be suboptimal, especially considering the responsibility for the company’s wellbeing you bear as a leader.

To meet the challenges of 2022 and beyond, CEO’s need to bring clarity to their cybersecurity needs, and this will involve challenging their IT Teams to prove they are in full control of their infrastructure.

  • How do you bring clarity to something that is not within your realm of expertise?
  • Can you trust the information you receive from an IT Team that is unclear about what it should be focused on?
The IT Security Quiz

Ask the IT Team to take the following quiz to test their knowledge of the company infrastructure and ask them to verify their answers.

  1. How many Domain or Enterprise Administrator accounts are in your infrastructure?
  2. Will your Administrators be able to distinguish their own actions from the actions of hackers, if their own accounts are compromised?
  3. Do Administrators use their highly privileged accounts solely for the tasks for which they were created, or do they allow themselves violations?
    (Reading mail, installing free software, unnecessarily accessing other hosts on the network)
  4. How many active GUEST accounts do you have in your infrastructure?
  5. How many active local Administrator accounts do you have in your infrastructure using an unrestricted password?
  6. How many active Local Administrator accounts do you have in your infrastructure using the same password?
  7. How many active Local Administrator accounts do you have in your infrastructure that do not have any password requirements?
  8. How many active accounts are included in the Administrators group in your infrastructure?
  9. Have all users proven themselves to be trustworthy/responsible employees or are there active accounts for users that have displayed risky behavior in the past?
  10. How many hosts are actively using software with remote access capabilities? (TeamViewer, LogMeIn)
  11. Are anti-virus tools installed, working, and updated on all hosts and servers?

A CEO will know if the answers given inspire confidence or raise concerns.

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