One of the most used phishing-as-a-service platforms, LabHost, has been taken down by an international group of law enforcement authorities coordinated by Europol.

The cyber defense platform Fortra has closely monitored LabHost and has mitigated tens of thousands of phishing attacks carried out by cybercriminals using the platform in recent years. They have recently reported some interesting details on the coordinated international operation against LabHost – you can read an excerpt below:

LabHost is estimated to have obtained 480,000 card numbers, 64,000 PIN numbers, and no less than one million account passwords. Earlier this year, we published a detailed profile on LabHost.

37 suspects have been arrested as part of the international operation led by Europol, including the original developer of the LabHost service. The LabHost platform is currently unavailable.

Cybercriminals subscribed to LabHost were sent individualized, 90-second “LabHost Wrapped” videos informing them of the takedown operation as well as noting evidence gathered by law enforcement including:

  • When the individual first subscribed to LabHost
  • How long they’ve been a subscriber
  • How much they’ve paid to LabHost
  • The number of IP addresses they’ve used to access LabHost
  • The domains they’ve used
  • The countries and organizations they’ve targeted

Read the whole Fortra’s blog article on the topic here.


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