The cloud proved to be a game changer for the technology companies, enabling rapid growth technology start-ups to go from a tiny office to a global organization in just a few short years.

During the days of on-prem-only infrastructure, seeing success meant you were inevitably hit with growing pains around scalability. To have a network supporting your first few thousand users, you had to be able to spend a fortune on hardware and pay a handful of expensive employees dedicated to the network maintenance.

Today, public cloud providers offer auto-scaling capabilities; your environment automatically adapts with a few clicks and a credit card on file.

But, it’s not all good news. In the process of breaking barriers, security best practices were sometimes sacrificed. As with anything in the modern era, democratization and accessibility of new technologies introduces new levels of risk. Well-planned infrastructure that used to be developed by experienced teams with Computer Science degrees largely gave way to remotely spun up infrastructures supported by self-taught developers.

Clouds are great for scale – you can build fast, deploy fast, and grow fast. However, according to Future from a16z, …”as we see a more complete picture of cloud lifecycle on a company’s economics – it’s becoming evident that while cloud clearly delivers on its promise early on in a company’s journey, the pressure it puts on margins can start to outweigh the benefits, as a company scales and growth slows.”

Aaccording to Help Net Security, “Misconfigured cloud storage services are commonplace in a stunning 93% of the cloud deployments analyzed, and most also have at least one network exposure where a security group is left wide open. These issues will likely increase in both velocity and scale—and they’ve already contributed to more than 200 breaches over the past two years.”

The negatives to relying solely on the cloud made many innovative businesses embrace a hybrid approach – combining cloud and on-prem approach to building, deploying and scaling the technologies of tomorrow.

Finding a balance that meets the demands of your team and your customers is the key to seeing maintainable growth and building the best possible foundation for a flexible future.

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