When we talk about cyber security, our brains seem to be wired to think of computers and computer networks, servers, clouds, in brief – everything else but mobile devices. We shouldn’t forget that mobile threats are real and can be as devastating as any other cyber-attack. Each year mobile-based cyberattacks advance and become more sophisticated. Whether it’s the evolution of established threats or the development of new tactics, techniques, or attack vectors, one thing is for certain: we need to buckle up and brace for impact. 

Here are the top 3 mobile threats for 2022:

1. Spyware 

We truly witnessed the emergence of spyware this year with the proliferation of the Pegasus spyware. The reason why the Pegasus is of such concern is due to the fact that it has zero-click distribution capabilities. That means users don’t have to open an attachment, link or any other action to fall victim. This tactic will likely be used more frequently in 2022. We anticipate that the Pegasus spyware will continue to plague more and more victims and we’ll likely even see the emergence of new spyware variants as other cybercriminal groups hop on this bandwagon. 

How can this happen? It simply comes down to weaknesses in your mobile device operating systems. Hackers are able to easily search for and identify vulnerabilities within an OS and deploy spyware. There’s a dangerous over-reliance on the mobile operating system’s ability to provide robust security. This can be attributed to our next prediction as well. 

2. Banking Trojans 

So now that we know that our mobile operating systems are actually not that secure, what are the other concerns?  The scary truth is there is an overwhelming number of threats attributed to mobile malware. Unfortunately, mobile devices have a lot of attack vectors that are very easy for hackers to prey on. And, since most individuals have their phones on them at all times – using them throughout the day for all types of work and personal activities – the opportunities to attack are boundless for the cybercriminals interested in your or your employer’s data. Mobile malware can be disseminated through SMS, malicious apps and even through phone calls. In 2022 though, we’re most concerned about banking trojans.

Banking trojans are mobile malware that has grown in popularity. It occurs when threat actors target mobile programs associated with financial institutions, such as mobile banking applications. We know that most threat actors are financially motivated and these types of attacks help them gain access to confidential, financial information, such as bank account numbers or payment card details. We’ve already witnessed an uptick: Recent research found 300,000 banking trojan infections in the Android Google play store over the past 4 months. 

 3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

One could assume that 2 years in a global pandemic would be enough time for organizations to boost their security in relation to remote working. But, unfortunately, many organizations still struggle with this.

Not only is remote work still so prevalent but we’re also in the midst of a “Great Resignation” and the many new employees who are replacing the previous are being onboarded remotely. To make this easier, organizations are relying more heavily on BYOD policies, which also come with many security concerns. BYOD policies are phenomenal for increasing productivity and decreasing costs in these environments, but when not secured correctly, they can drastically increase attack landscapes. The biggest issue is that many traditional BYOD security solutions infringe upon employees’ privacy and come with a variety of restrictions that defeat the purpose of BYOD in the first place. Organizations are then faced with the struggle of choosing between security, productivity and privacy. 

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