The Trellix team put together an article outlining their predictions about the cybersecurity threats in 2024. What does the near future hold?


This last year we have seen upheaval across the cybersecurity landscape. The need for effective, worldwide threat intelligence continues to grow as geopolitical and economic developments create an increasingly complicated and uncertain world for both businesses and consumers. Threat actors continue to evolve with new players and threats emerging globally — in addition to novel ways of leveraging or executing older tactics and approaches. Security experts should assume that no organization or individual is truly safe from a cyber threat and that there is an increasing urgency to monitor and research threats resurging and evolving at a rapid pace and scale.

Ransomware remains an ever-present plague for many organizations worldwide as these families increase in scale and sophistication, including coordinating and partnering with other threat actors through underground forums. Socially engineered ploys to trick and deceive individuals into compromising their devices or personal information are becoming more cunning and targeted, and simultaneously harder for both victims and security tools to catch and identify. Furthermore, the trend continues of cyberattacks being used in the service of political, economic, and territorial ambitions through nation-states executing espionage, warfare, and disinformation, as observed through threat activity in Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and other regions.

“The cyber landscape today is more complex than ever before. Cybercriminals from ransomware families to nation-state actors are getting smarter, quicker, and more coordinated in retooling their tactics to follow new schemes — and we don’t anticipate that changing in 2024,” said John Fokker, Head of Threat Intelligence, Trellix Advanced Research Center. “In order to break away from escalating attacks and start outsmarting and outmaneuvering threat actors, all industries need to embrace a cyber strategy that is constantly vigilant, actionably comprehensible, and adaptable to new threats. That is how we can ensure a one-step lead over cybercriminals in the coming year.”

2024 Predictions: Trends, Tactics and Threats

Below, the cybersecurity experts and threat researchers from the Trellix Advanced Research Center team have compiled their predictions for trends, tactics, and threats that organizations should keep top of mind as we approach 2024. We invite you to read through our forewarnings for the coming year and see what we will be keeping a keen eye on moving forward.

  • The Threat of Artificial Intelligence
    • Underground Development of Malicious LLMs
    • The Resurrection of Script Kiddies
    • AI-generated Voice Scams for Social Engineering
  • Shifting Trends in Threat Actor Behavior
    • Supply Chain Attacks Against Managed File Transfers Solutions
    • Malware Threats are Becoming Polyglot
    • Even More Layers of Ransomware Extortion
    • Election Security Must Start with Protecting the Human-in-the-Loop
  • Emerging Threats and Attack Methods
    • Unmasking The Silent Surge in Insider Threats
    • The Growing Battle of the (QR) Codes
    • The Stealthy Assault on Edge Devices
    • Python in Excel Creates a Potential New Vector for Attacks
    • LOL Drivers Are Becoming a Game Changer

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