Trellix Email Security has recently been recognized among Notable Vendors in The Enterprise Email Security Landscape, Q1 2023 report recently published by the global market research company Forrester.

“I’m delighted of course that Trellix Email Security has been recognized among Notable Vendors”, says Gareth Maclachlan who leads the team responsible for Trellix’s Network & Email Business and the Transformation office, “But for me, what is equally important is that Forrester highlights the need for companies to broaden their perspective from securing email to securing the full range of collaboration environments they use:

  • “Phishing and BEC attacks are no longer limited to email. Communication and collaboration applications like Teams and Slack are growing as attack vectors.”
  • “To protect the future of business communication comprehensively, enterprise email security vendors must become enterprise communication and collaboration security vendors or risk obsolescence.”

We could not agree more. Trellix has long viewed digital collaboration as a critical attack vector to defend. In the report, Forrester asked each vendor included in the Landscape to select the top use cases for which clients select them and from there determine which are the extended use cases that highlight differentiation among the vendors. Trellix is shown in the report for having selected communication and collaboration environment protection, domain spoofing protection, and spam reduction as top reasons clients work with us out of those extended use cases. Our customers value the ability to protect all forms of collaboration, not just those over SMTP.

The extended enterprise increases risk exposure

As organizations strive to innovate and grow, they create highly complex, interconnected global networks of external partners: suppliers, vendors, contractors, and customers. A recent study by DoControl estimates that a 1000-person company may share data with up to 15,000 external partners. Security practitioners struggle to defend their own organizations. Defending against risk introduced by this massive, dynamic partner ecosystem makes protecting the extended enterprise exponentially more complex.

Collaboration extends from email to application file sharing

Collaboration platforms, migration of enterprise applications to the cloud, and digital transformation initiatives have transformed both the nature and velocity of collaboration, encouraging us to freely share information with co-workers and external partners. But any new freedom will be compromised if not guarded, and threat actors are already exploiting this largely unprotected attack vector.

Trellix Collaboration Security protects the extended enterprise

We are proud to offer Trellix Collaboration Security, a suite of protection technologies spanning email infrastructure, collaboration tools, and the myriad of enterprise SaaS and homegrown applications used across the extended enterprise.

Your path to securing enterprise collaboration

Email transformed business communication by enabling co-workers to exchange information 24×7 without regard to location. Fast forward, email is now the top attack vector with over 90% of data breaches occurring due to phishing.

Therefore, we encourage customers to prioritize securing their cloud-based email infrastructure with Trellix Email Security. Available as a cloud-native, API-enabled solution (CAPES) or secure email gateway (SEG), Trellix seamlessly integrates with cloud-based email infrastructure providers such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Trellix offers multiple layers of detection, powered by innovative machine learning, artificial intelligence, and security analytics, providing industry-recognized defense against known and emerging email-borne threats.

Remote work, virtual teaming, and cloud-based collaboration platforms have reimagined how we work – giving us the ability to work with anyone, from anywhere, at any time. While these tools allow us to freely share information, they do not ensure the integrity of what is shared.

Customers should therefore extend protection to their collaboration suite. Trellix offers dozens of out-of-the box integrations to popular applications such as Slack, box, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring quick time to value using a single solution. Trellix continuously—and unobtrusively—inspects shared files and URLs, using the same proven detection and detonation engines trusted by our 40,000 enterprise customers.

Applications once protected by the perimeter have migrated to the cloud. Corporate transformation initiatives and highly complex partner ecosystems have accelerated our realization of the digitally enabled extended enterprise—creating a direct on-ramp for adversaries to enter your organization.

Just as potential candidates can submit a resume to your employment portal, suppliers can share an invoice with purchasing, and users can attach files to a customer support request, your adversaries are using the same file-sharing mechanisms to introduce malicious files.

Trellix protects digital collaboration across the extended enterprise using APIs to seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications, built or bought, ensuring continuous inspection of objects on the intake to block threats before they enter your environment.


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