Even though emails can be archived natively in Microsoft 365, there are many reasons to use an external email archiving solution such as MailStore Server in combination with Microsoft 365. The reasons for this have been summarized for you in a free white paper from market research institute Osterman Research.

Many companies believe, for example, that it is no longer necessary to protect and preserve their own business critical data after migrating to the (public) cloud because they assume that the cloud provider is responsible for backing up their data. However, this belief is completely misguided. Microsoft 365 customers are responsible for the protection and storage of their data, which includes archiving and regularly backing up business data.

As a public cloud service provider, Microsoft is merely responsible for the availability of their service and protecting it from outages. That is why companies that use such a public cloud service should take measures to protect themselves from the risk of data loss.

MailStore Server not only provides protection and makes your emails in Microsoft 365 centrally and independently available, but also, among other things, provides a fast self-service that allows end users to search for and restore emails and file attachments using the email archive. 

More and more companies are switching to Microsoft 365. This trend is picking up faster with support for Microsoft Windows SBS 2011 having ended and with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 soon to follow suit. Since Microsoft has announced the end of basic authentication, modern authentication based on OAuth2 will become a must for many companies soon.

MailStore Server supports modern authentication and with that, provides not only an optimal integration into the cloud environment of Microsoft 365, but also the necessary security. For example, as a Microsoft 365 user, you simply use your usual log-in procedure for your Microsoft 365 tenant in order to log in to MailStore Server, which includes, for example, multi-factor authentication.

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