Did you know that May 5, 2022 is World Password Day? By the idea of cybersecurity professionals back in 2013, the first Thursday every May is designated as a World Password Day – a special date meant to foster good password habits that help keep our online lives secure.

In honor of World Password Day, the Head Nerds at N-able gave us their top password-related tips. One thing they could all pretty much agree on is that passwords shouldn’t be replaced, but that they should be supplemented with MFA. Here’s what else they had to say:

Eric Harless:

Secure passwords don’t work unless you have secured your user accounts. So, you need to make sure you do the following:

  • Create named users only, remove shared helpdesk or NOC credentials, so you don’t have to share passwords.
  • Assign “least-privilege access” roles and limit the number of root/admin /superuser/security officer roles.
  • Monitor/enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Don’t log in (or enter your credentials) from untrusted/customer devices
  • Implement a password manager
  • Use strong passwords
  • Zero password reuse
  • Remember to log out; don’t just lock your screen.

Marc-Andre Tanguay:

Too many people use a simple word or name as their password. Using dictionary attacks—which use a preselected library of words and phrases to guess possible passwords—attackers can get through those passwords very rapidly.

Stefanie Hammond:

I run Google Password Checkup weekly to see if there are any passwords that have been compromised so I can get those changed immediately Also, it’s important to ensure that every site has its own discreet password—you should never reuse passwords, even if you think it is making your life easier.

Lewis Pope

If you don’t make proper password management easy for end users, they likely won’t follow cyber hygiene best practices. You must give them the tools to help facilitate those good practices like a password manager as well as provide monitoring for compromised accounts.


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